Coco Nogales and Oscar Moncada have long ruled the roost in Puerto Escondido and rightfully garnered immense amounts of respect and coverage world wide. What you might not know though, is that these six guys(titled in order of appearance) Jimel Corzo, Angelo Lozano, Mike Velasco, Sasha Donnanno, Marcial Monreal and Cesar Petroni are their neighbors and you might catch them “checking passports” on super crowded days at Playa Zicatela as well.

BL Rentals

Since I’m a just toddler in the subjective world of photography I’m always asking people their preferences and opinions. One of the best and simple pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from Chris Burkard who not only gave me advice on his personal preferences but opened my eyes to Borrowlenses.com and their super cost effective and easy way to rent lenses and gear I was intrigued by. During my recent trips to Indonesia and Japan I rented several items that I had been interested in. The experience was invaluable and certainly helped me to make decisions on what I would like to own. For anyone who has specific questions about equipment feel free to contact me on faceKook or Instagram(@whattheschnell). If you’d like to take advantage of Borrow Lenses current deals for The end of summer and Labor Day here is a current promo link they are offering.✌️

All customers enjoy $10 off qualifying merchandise orders of $10-$49.99; $25 off $50-$99.99; $50 off $100-$149.99 and $75 off $150+ or more with promo code BIGSAVINGS at checkout

Here are a few photos I took while in Indonesia and Japan on a Canon 5Diii and Tamron 150-600mm lens I rented at BL.