Napa Valley

Instagram Thread

@heathrow707 I appreciate the compliment of other photos, acknowledgment of discretion and that you took the time to express your view point. I think many people who actually surf feel the same way. Seems we enjoy similar interests and were probably both only children haha. However that is also what caught me off guard about Lucas acting crazy. I’m sure he was probably just in Hawaii too recently and is suffering from PTS of having to watch 6 brazilians at a time jump off one scooter and then a different group of people who feel super entitled and tough. Geotagging and pin drops is just not what I’ve ever done. If you take the time to look/get to know me you will see that ambiguity and simply just not talking about or supporting chat that talks about location is my preferred means of discretion unless it’s so obvious my grandma would eat there for lunch. You are absolutely right that it’s not the good old days and information has become accessible in seconds and can spread like wildfire. But is that my fault?…I don’t think so. Do I take part in it….Yes…but you and Lucas have accts too(I’d even venture to bet you both use the internet) so you have to appreciate some of the irony in this “dumb” thread that didn’t need to exist had he just kept scrolling and his mouth shut. Anyways Heath, the good news is that there is still plenty of searching left to do in this world if you want to(as I’m sure you haven’t been everywhere on this planet). Wether it be you finding a nook in Laguna Beach or Maine for your first time(even though every high school kid has known about it since diapers), or me driving the coast to Oregon for my first time(even though millions of americans and international tourists have experienced it themselves already)…or maybe even just day sleeper getting stuck in Nebraska for his first. We have all been relegated to our own unique experiences during a lifetime. It makes this funny/sad to me because I bet if we met stuck in an airport in Tokyo and found out we were both americans we would have had a beer together. Much less that we both enjoy the coast. OK, well keep enjoying this region and any other you may visit. Maybe our paths will cross one day and we can share some stoke instead of novels haha. And if you ever want a print it would be an honor.


I put together some clips from that hot little run of waves in San Diego a few weeks back. Since the waves were better than the weather for most of the time it’s certainly got that “grainy” vibe since it was raining if not pouring during a majority of the clips. Enjoy.

Viva the Notorious M.L.T.