I went ahead and started a page to represent my favorite #hashtag. I originally started the #kookfreegem to categorize my photos of top shelf waves, or surf line ups in which there are no surfers in the act of riding a wave/s. This page will feature some of my best kookfreegems from over the past 142 weeks and going forward. I’ll also be looking to feature other talented photographers and their dime piece kookfreegems from all over the world. If you think you’ve nailed a #kookfreegem simply hashtag your photo, tag @kookfreegem or email us at kookfreegem@gmail.com . If you simply like the photo below, head over to instagram and check out the page @kookfreegem . Thank you for your time and support.

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DaFin | Kicks

As some of you that follow my Instagram account may know I just recently started trying to swim around to take photos and video. This led to some very quick realizations for me. One of which was that I was probably going to need to become the owner of some swim fins. My good friend Trent Standen was nice enough to donate a pair of “brand C’s” with the “old rubber”(that  FYI, really stokes out a true fin geek if you find yourself talking to one) which I really appreciate because they are apparently hard to come by and they got me in the water on some beautiful days. However, I recently got a package to my door and I couldn’t be more excited! No more blisters or rolled ankle syndrome! Thank you Chris George and DaFin. If you shoot womp or just mellow days, check out their line of KICKS as well