Wave of the Summer

My buddy Oscar Moncada just dipped by San Diego and we had a beach day with our ladies and small wave sleds. If you haven’t seen any of Oscars “wave of the summer” entries check them out on Surfline! This day was the opposite of heavy however, neither of us picked any off anything over waist high and my roommate Sheri from Chicago was dominating on her first time ever surfing.



The guys up at Rusty dialed me in with a new hydroflex dozer. It’s 5’6″x18.75″x2.38″ just like my other dozers. I’ve only ridden it at small blacks so far but it worked pretty well. It felt different than my normal EPS dozer but it had a great sweet spot and I can’t wait to try it again.


I’ve been coaching Michael Gumina and on July 28th I went down to his contest and filmed his first heat. He won the heat and placed 3rd overall in the event. Here are all his waves from the first heat.