Double Exposed

During May I wound up taking my first batch of “double exposures”(yes on a DSLR, so it’s in camera and less tricky) and had a blast. I love how unique every photo tends to be and have shot about 5 sessions worth of them now. Here are some of my favorites from the first couple times I tried them in Mexico.

Aposentillo Moonset

The moon is tucked behind the clouds in the left of the frame while some lightning is between the palm fronds.

The moons light spraying cloud bottoms and illuminating the sky

The very last rays of moonlight create the same red hue as a sunset. It is due to the angle of incoming light traveling through a longer portion of our atmosphere

Baller on a Budget

Nothing makes me smile like a person who constantly creates amazing images on equipment that is anything but top of the line. Most likely because I’m not rich and I’m always seeking max value tools to work with haha. Anyways…recently I shot the same lightning bolt on my GoPro4 silver and Canon 7Dii with tokina 11-20mm 1.8 lens to compare and contrast each setup for anyone interested like myself. I left each camera with the same ISO, F-stop and focal lengths, however I left the shutter on the GoPro4 open twice as long(5 seconds), to compensate for its smaller light collecting sensor. Both shots came out nice and I was shocked at how good the GoPro looked full screen on an HD laptop. Obviously, since the GoPro consists of less pixels(4000×3000 instead of 5400×3600) than the canon image, it degrades quicker upon zooming/cropping. However, at just 25% of the price cost of my canon set up…I think you get about 75-85% of the image quality that I get with my canon at full resolution and almost a negligible difference if your only intent is to use it on a low resolution platform like Instagram etc. So as always, know what you are shooting and why, because maybe you can save some money while you’re skinning the same chicken😜🍻

Canon 7Dii w Tokina 11-20

GoPro4 Silver

Pirate ship rights

Not only was the sunset insane last night…but the afterglow seemed to last forever. The trawler that has been hanging out for the last week or so, sort of looked like an old pirate ship that a guy like Andrew Drake would have used to take shelter here hundreds of years ago. 


One of my goals this year was to hopefully have some of my work published. I think for me it was driven by my feeling that it’s sort of the ultimate trump card, in a sense that when “team subjective” shows up and passes judgement of wether they liked what you did…or thought it was worst junk they’d seen in a while…you were still the person who got printed instead of whoever else gets mentioned in the debate lol. 

I never in my wildest dreams thought that my first image to reach printed publication would be in the 2016 Formula One Black Book though. If you are unfamiliar, they cost over $100 US and ooze quality beyond any surf publication I had dreamed of. I’ve been an F1 fan for a long time and just never imagined the crossover of wine and motors that redline at 20,000 rpms would bless my lucky butt into print. A special thank you to Karen at Mount Veeder Magic Vineyard for hiring me to do the night harvest work that eventually checked off a big goal of mine this year. 

Chasing Hep E

I got to spend the day chasing minis(@chasingminis) with Master Nathan French(@nathanfrenchphotography). While my building skills could use refining or CPR…Nathan on the other hand made a few second to none splendors that we shot all day. Here is my favorite shot I took of Nathan from behind the curtain.